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Heather Green

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by!

I am Heather Green and I started this because I want to work with and create products that serve people like you!  I want to know more people who….

about Heather page. know people who.2

And People who may…..

  • Struggle to….. Find Balance, or Accomplish those big goals they’ve had out in the universe for awhile!
  • Can’t Figure Out how to…. Be Healthy while they are balancing everything else
  • Be Looking For…. Systems and processes that can be implemented, become habit and and forget the rest!
  • Desperately want…… to learn from other people, so they do not have to re-invent the wheel!

So here at Life in the Green Room Logo I am working on tools, articles and other cools things to show you guys it is possible to:

  • Have more energy, while sprinkling in a little Crazy
  • Achieve more big goals, without just piling onto the busy-busy-train
  • Get more Results, while making it feel like cheating (not the usual cheating feeling you have when on a diet though!)
  • Deal with stress, while getting more done
  • Get exactly what you want! A more healthy, energetic life
  • Turn excuses into a thing of the past!

Here’s me in a nutshell:

  • Director of New Product Development at Fortune 500 company (corporate diva, supreme!)
  • Self-Proclaimed Self Development Guru – obsessed with reading & implementing here
  • World Traveler

When I’m not working on tips & tricks to help you get healthy in the real world and overall Self Betterment, I am listening to podcasts (I am totally addicted), planning our wedding, delaying the adoption of a puppy, or planning a future trip!

I can be found dragging Jackson to exercise, researching, reading a trashy novel, watching Hallmark channel movies.

I play soccer, love to have a virtual drink (coffee, alcohol) with my remote friends, hanging out with friends, and dodging yard work.

I have an amazing fiance, literally he’s the best.  He cooks for me, makes me laugh, takes care of the worst home jobs.  I am one lucky gal!

I have been hooked on traveling since I was in college.  I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively globally!  I have loved it and my current desire list has a ton of US locations on it!

If you are still reading & dying to know more, here are a few other things you don’t know about me!

  • Jackson & I are the nerdiest aunt & uncle – we are always on the lookout for great kids books to get our slew of nieces & nephew.
  • I am not a good negotiator.  (maybe the worst….. in the history of the world…. I’m working on it)
  • I love love love jewelry.  (costume jewelry).  It’s a fun hobby of mine!  I completely have the ‘Oh Squirrel’ reaction anytime I seen anytime of fake jewelry
  • I always yearn for an uninterrupted cup of coffee (this is no small request as it takes me about an hour & a half to drink a cup of coffee!!)

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Thank you so much for stopping by!!  I am so excited to stay in touch with you and we continue on the way to Self Betterment!