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Guided Goal Group: A 6-Week Journey

Do you have a goal you’d like to move forward ? Most of us do!

Join us for our next 6 week program to focus on your goals!

You Pick the Goal, We Guide you Through It!

Everyone’s success is a personal journey and everyone has different goals, so this will be an accountability group where you work on the goal that is important to you!

Click here if you are interested in joining our program.  It’s totally free!  I’ll fill you in on the details!
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It’s going to be fun & help us make progress!!

NEXT SESSION: Will be starting in October 10th 2016!

Do you have a goal you’d like to get done before the holiday seasons starts?  Join this 6 Week Program to keep your resolution going or make faster traction on other goals you have!  Together, with accountability, we can knock this one out of park.

Here’s a sneak peak of how it will work.  You are going to design a program (don’t worry, I’ll show you how) that is perfect for you!  Whatever goal you want to work on will be the target.  It can be literally anything: Create a budget, Organize your health, Actively look for a new job, Eat Paleo for 6 weeks, Train for a 5k, learn how to relax, research a specific health topic, lose 10 pounds etc.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your goal yet, you have some time!  It’s going to be awesome how much progress you can make in only 6 weeks!

It’s a journey; everyone is at a different place.  There is no judging in this group, only accountability.  So come as you are!  Be prepared to work towards your goals!  I’ll walk you through the whole thing.  Everyone is busy, believe me, I know!  We are going to break this down into simple steps that will allow you to make time to make your health a priority.

Here are a few quotes from previous 6 weeks sessions:

“Actual Change”
“I saw progress”
“I was able to get in the habit of making exercise part of my routine, rather than a burden”
“I lost almost 15 lbs (with very little exercise), fit back into a majority of my existing clothes (quadrupling my wardrobe), and decreased my joint pain as a result. So all in all, a successful 6 weeks.”

If you are interested, sign up here!  I’ll send you an email with all the other key details!

All the Best in your Journey to more Successful You (on your terms!)!