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At Home Pajama Party

When is the last time, for a whole day, you didn’t leave your house and you didn’t get out of your PJs?  When it is not even the middle of January and I have already done it twice!  I have to say, it’s a super luxury!

I am a recovering busy body (or maybe more accurately, I am an aspiring recovering busy body).  I was raise as a go-go-go-go motto.  My work certainly demands this of me now.  But I am finding more and more I actually like a little slower pace.  Especially with the internet and news and Facebook.  Everything is screaming by.  It is kind of nice to stay put.  Read a book.  Watch TV on the TV and not on the phone, or iPad, or PC screen.

How have I managed 2 days in such a short period of time?  Well the first time was intentional.  We had Monday the 2nd off as a holiday & I took the day to rest from all the holiday rush!  I planned to keep it low key & then I took it to the next level, by never getting out of my PJs.  This was fine until my neighbor came over at like 3 in the afternoon.  I sheepishly answered with my Grinch PJs on.  She was dropping off a nice lasagna for us.  I was a little embarrassed when she asked if I was all right!  This seems like an acceptable price to pay for being able to lounge around all day in my PJs and read my book.  I’ll take that any day!

The second day I stayed home was not so glamorous.  The first week back to work I got a ridiculous cold.  I stayed home all day the next weekend b/c I was hacking up a storm and walking up the 7 stairs in the house was spiking my heart rate.  I was in no condition to go out.  So, the reason I was forced to relax my entire Sunday was crap (I hate being sick), but made for a decent day to only watch the Steelers win & read!

I love reading and rarely make enough time for it.  This getting to stay home really has allowed me to read more this year already than I had in the past few months!!

So if you enjoy staying at home all day, try to plan a day when you do not need to leave the house!  See what you think!

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